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Hubei Provincial Museum Rongmei Tushi City Chaibuxi National Forest Park Shennong Peak Scenic Area Yichang Jiuwan Stream South River Scenic Area
Enshi Tusi City
IntroductionWith an area of 300 mu, Tusi City possesses a lot of scenic spots, mainly including
Yumu Stockacled Village
IntroductionYumu Stockacled Village protrudes from the mountain with cliffs at both sides, and i
Tenglong Cave
IntroductionThe Tenglong Cave is a cave cluster, with the Dry Cave and Water Cave as its main sc
Subuya Stone Forest
IntroductionThe Subuya Stone Forest, 3A scenic spot, is 54km away from  the gover
Building group in Dashuijing Village
IntroductionDashuijing is located 47 kilometers (29 miles) northwest of downtown Lichuan. Coveri
Qingjiang Chuangtan
IntroductionLocated in the southwest of Hubei province, Qingjiang River originates from Lichuan
Enshi Grand Canyon
Brief IntroductionEnshi Grand Canyon,which have a same fame of Colorado Grand Canyon,is one
Shennong Stream
IntroductionShen Nong Stream is a tributary of the Yangtze River, located in the Hubei Province
Tangya Tusi Imperial City
Introduction Tangya Tusi Imperial City covers an area of over 1500 Mu, located in Tangyacun
Introduction Pingbaying virgin ecological tour zone is located at the south end of Xianfeng
Semi Lake Ethnic Customs and Culture Village Baishou Clan
Brief IntroductionSemi Lake Ethnic Customs and Culture Village Baishou Clan is located at Baifus
Jingyang Canyon
IntroductionJingyang canyon is located in the Jingyang town of Jianshi county, Enshi Autonome. I
Mt. Qizimei
IntroductionMt. Qizimei is the highest mountain in Xuan’en county. It belongs to the Wuling mo
Rongmei Tushi City
Brief IntroductionRongmei Tushi City is located at Pingshan Fort more than ten km away from East